Colombia’s fishermen still feel the effects of loosing the 82º Meridian to Nicaragua after a court decision. The surrounding of this meridian is a rich area for fishing bigger fishes, snails, lobsters, besides being a relevant area for oil and gas as well.


On 19 November 2012, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decided to expand Nicaragua's maritime territory, which severely affected the “raizales” people both in San Andrés y Providencia Islands. The sentence is known as “El Fallo de la Corte de La Haya” due to the fact that on 19 November 2012 the sentence came from the home of the United Nation’s Internacional Court of Justice in the Hague city.


It took couple of hours to catch this Marlin fish weighing around 250kg. It was catch by fisherman Odalgo James.

One of the main activities developed by “raizales”is artisanal fishing. They do not use fishing net neither anything similar, just baits.

Odalgo James received help from friends while on the boat until they finally had the fish out of the water. They also helped cutting it until there was almost nothing left.

“Raizales” is the common word to distinguish who are the native people in San Andrés y Providência Island.

This fish was found near the bank of Jonnhy Cay which is a small coral islet that is located 1.5 km to the north of San Andres Town. This area is still San Andrés sovereignty.

It took around 1:30h after every part of the fish had its destiny determined. Nothing is wasted.